In evidenza L'opinione — 15 October 2020

The ‘zapping-night’ has been defined as the one that will see opposites tonight in a remote confrontation Donald Trump on the NBC television network and Joe Biden on the ABC television network, which will force millions of viewers to follow, finger on the remote control the two debates passing from a channel to the other making, according to expert commentators, the first ‘remote match’ in the history of debates is particularly tasty and awaited. A meeting which, moreover, is overheated by shots of commercials, memes, TV and social media statements, more or less truthful (so much so that Facebook and Twitter have had, for example, to delete or subject to fact checking the latest posts of the President currently in office) or effective nicknames: after the Trumpian ‘Sleepy Joe’ today the Bidenian ‘The super spreader’ (the great greaser – ed), dedicated to Trump, gallops.


The ‘split second’ will decide, that is that known typically advertising method, adopted in fact in the realization of the commercials, for which it is crucial to capture the viewer’s attention within exactly three seconds, after which the same could change – explains Luciano Nardi, one of the most important Italian advertisers and observer since the beginning of this competition”


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