Milan, 26 October 2022 – In 2023, fake news will become increasingly realistic and credible, in particular thanks to the use of deepfakes, i.e. the contents generated by artificial intelligence that, starting from real images and videos, are able to recreate, in an extremely faithful, the characteristics and movements of a face or body and to faithfully imitate its voice. This is one of the forecasts that emerged from the annual “Social Media Trends 2023″ Report by Talkwalker, a multinational global leader in Consumer Intelligence, created in collaboration with Khoros, one of the most popular social suites in the world, which every year draws up the 10 trends in social media matter for the following year.

The Report, which is in its eighth edition, originates from a worldwide monitoring carried out through the Talkwalker platform, based on an AI (proprietary Blue Silk ™ technology), analyzing conversations on all media including websites, social networks, blogs, forums up to to individual user comments, in the period January-August 2022. The analysis of the sentiment, or the content of the various comments, is performed with an average accuracy of 90%, with even the ability to detect sarcasm and ironic comments.

And so one of the main trends highlighted by the Talkwalker analysis concerns precisely the growth of disinformation and infodemic that companies and brands, but also famous people, up to institutions and governments will have to face in the new year. “2023 will be characterized by a rapid development of the technology for the production of fake news which in the next year will be increasingly sophisticated – explains Francesco Turco, Italy marketing manager of TalkwalkerAnd however users believe they are increasingly able to recognize news false on the web and social networks, brands, as well as social media themselves, must be ready to act quickly to the demands of consumers who will seek and demand more and more reliability and credibility from them. “

The Talkwalker Report also shows that 2023 will be the year that will mark the end of the use of third-party cookies, in favor of new technologies that make it possible to maintain user privacy but at the same time give brands the possibility to create communication and marketing campaigns that in any case hit specific target audiences. “Thanks to our technology - comments Francesco Turco of Talkwalker – we have found that the lies about the disposal of third-party cookies are increasingly growing on social networks. In particular, we highlight how 46% concerns privacy. This demonstrates the great attention of consumers on this specific aspect and if we look at the negative sentiment we can also understand the growing frustration of users in relation to the delay in finding a solution to the problem.

The new year will also see the birth of new digital content capable of engaging users in the round. In fact, 2023 will be the year of the internet of the senses, or the possibility of creating digital sensory experiences on the web that result in a multi-channel and multi-format approach. In this case, brands will have to commit to transforming sensory elements into digital experiences. The forecasts see the use of gamification and the design of completely immersive shopping centers on everyone (…)

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