Despite all the prudence of the case, the data relating to the Coronavirus pandemic in Italy are comforting, hopefully targeting Italy towards the so-called ‘Phase 2′ and with it a gradual reactivation of the production and industrial system with the consequent return to the company or production sites for millions of workers.

The hypothesis, albeit for safeguarding reasons, to carry out by the company on its employees of swabs or serological tests on the carpet and obligatory to verify their possible danger in terms of contagion, is however ‘dismissed’ by the experts in the field legal.

“Mandatory swabs for everyone in the company? The answer is, to date, negative, at least in Italy. – comments Nadia Martini of Rödl & Partner, the international giant of legal advice present in 50 countries around the world including Italy – In fact, neither of the two activities is justified by legal provisions or specific protocols with the social partners “.

“In mancanza di una norma di legge, il trattamento dei dati sanitari raccolti mediante il tampone o il test sugli anticorpi – continua Nadia Martini di Rödl & Partner – sarebbe legittimo solo in forza di un consenso libero del singolo dipendente, cioè senza alcuna possibile imposizione da parte del datore di lavoro, consenso che, nel contesto del rapporto di lavoro, non potrebbe essere libero”.



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