Milan, April 2022 – With over 328,000 social and online conversations generated since the beginning of the year and a share of voice – that is the share of the same compared to direct competitors – of 36.4%, Mahmood & Blanco are the singers of Eurovision 2022 who have generated more results worldwide on social and web, from January to April.

This is the picture that emerges from the monitoring of Talkwalker, a multinational global leader in Consumer intelligence, which monitors and measures daily the social and web conversations generated by the accounts of companies, TV broadcasters, personalities, influencers and users in terms of presence and interactions (engagement). on social media, which has analyzed the conversations on the artists who will perform at Eurovision 2022 at an international level and has drawn up a special ranking.

Mahmood & Blanco (Italy) dominate the Top 10 with Achille Lauro (San Marino) second and S10 (Netherlands) third.

A little more than a month before the final of May 14 in Turin, the duo, fresh winners of the Sanremo Festival, Mahmood & Blanco, thus approaches the live performance as one of the favorites for the victory, leading the ranking of the conversations social media (328,000 conversations, share of voice 36.4%) with a positive sentiment, or the analysis, with respect to the conversations generated, of what users think about the singer, of 32%. Followed, but at a distance, by Achille Lauro, who, in this edition of Eurovision, defends the colors of San Marino, with 149,000 results (16.6% share of voice and 21% positive sentiment), the Dutch singer S10 closes the podium. with 98,000 thousand conversations (10.8% share of voice and 22.6% sentiments). In fourth place is Chanel, a naturalized Spanish Cuban actress and singer, who will represent Spain, with 67,000 conversations (share of voice 7.4%, sentiment 25.2%) and preceding the Serbian singer Konstrakta who totaled 29,000 conversations (share of voice 7.4%, sentiment 25.2%). of voice 26.1%, sentiment 26.1%). The Ukrainian group Kalush Orchestra (positive sentiment 8.7%), the Albanian singer Ronela Hajati (positive sentiment 30.3%) and the Norwegian musical duo Subwoolfer ( positive sentiment 27.3%). The Latvian musical group Citi Zeni closed the ranking with 15,000 conversations (share of voice 1.7%, positive sentiment 30.3%) and the British singer Sam Ryder with only 5,000 conversations (share of voice 0.5%, positive sentiment 38 , 5%).

In the last three years of surveys – comments Francesco Turco, Talkwalker’s marketing manager for Italy - the real boom in social interactions for Eurovision was 2021, with a 61% increase in engagement generated by Facebook but above all with the one originating from Instagram which went from 156,400 conversations in 2020 to 3.1 million interactions in 2021 and Twitter which from 228,500 conversations reached 3.4 million with the 2021 edition. And from what we see from our preliminary analyzes, 2022 could also follow the same extraordinary results, with Italy, the host country of the event, leading the world engagement dragged by the performance of Mahmood and Blanco.”



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