According to various sources Djokovic – in these days in the spotlight on all the media of the world for his ‘trick’ to play despite the lack of vaccination at the Australian Open and relative ‘rejection’ of local authorities even by voice on live TV of the Prime Minister Scott Morrison - would be the highest paid tennis player in the world having an estimated turnover of over $ 96 million between December 2020 and December 2021.

The stellar turnover of the Serbian tennis player is obviously composed of the fees and prize pools collected in his many appearances and victories but also and above all by the many millionaire sponsorships, which however, precisely in the face of his world media prominence that has overflowed on politics and the news at in the face of his declared, and today more than overt, No-Vax positions would be at serious risk according to communication experts: “With his extreme positions, also colored by the statements of parents and staff – comments Stella Romagnoli, general manager of IAA – International Advertising Association – the Serbian tennis player positions himself in a ‘black zone’ for anyone who has him or who may wish to hire him as a testimonial for his brand in the future “.

“Djokovic is not Kate Moss – says the spin doctor Davide Ciliberti of the Purple & Noise PR communication group - who following the cocaine scandal downloaded by the sponsor was immediately recruited by other brands because, absurdly, that scandal gave her a positioning from beautiful and damned, perfect for the world of celebrities halfway between fashion and jet set. Djokovic, on the other hand - continues the expert – stumbled upon a much less glittering theme, that of the pandemic, which has cost humanity millions of victims and which is still scourging all countries. A stumbling block, however very convinced, that in the end – calculates Davide Ciliberti – I believe it will cost him no less than 50 million over the next year in minor sponsorships, at a time when the tennis player is also almost at the end of his career, which instead is they will orient on champions in the field and in life such as Nadal but also our Berrettini ”concludes the spin doctor


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