Milan, 31 May 2023 - The offer of streaming platforms is multiplying just as the passion of Italians for series, films and content is growing exponentially, which begins to weigh too much on the pockets of Italians since 3 out of 5 are in favor of advertising placements up to where to date they were not contemplated, in exchange for a lower cost of the subscription.

According to a study* conducted by The Trade Desk, a global advertising technology platform, and YouGov, an international market research and data-analyst company, which analyzed how the habits of using streaming content are evolving in relation to new opportunities for marketing and advertising, the economic issue weighs on the pockets of the Italian viewers interviewed so much that 45% say they have unsubscribed from various streaming services and another 19% do not want to renew their subscription in the future.

In this scenario, the so-called “ad supported” solutions, i.e. those that offer a free or reduced monthly fee for advertising placements, seem to be more appreciated: 67% of Italian viewers interviewed with a Netflix account and 69% of Netflix subscribers In fact, Prime Video claims to be ‘very’ or ‘fairly’ inclined to choose the cheapest option when it becomes available.

In terms of propensity to spend, almost two thirds (65%) of the consumers interviewed declare a spending limit of 30 euros per month to access multiple streaming services, this increases the potential for free or low-cost platforms thanks to the inclusion of advertising. In fact, 59% of the Italian viewers interviewed would prefer a free service financed by advertising, or a less expensive service supported by commercials which, however, are relevant and limited: the study shows that 35% of the Italian viewers interviewed say they want “less advertising overall,” 40% like “fewer ad breaks” and 37% want “shorter ad breaks.”


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