In evidenza L'opinione — 04 January 2023

Changes for Twitter in matters of political advertising. The Elon Musk-owned company has said it will expand the types of political ads allowed on the social media platform and will “align itself with TV and other media policies”. A clear trend reversal – compared to the 2019 global ban on political ads wanted by the then CEO Jack Dorsey – which finds favor with advertisers, provided that political communication on the platform is however regulated by very specific rules.

“In principle we are not against political communication – comments Marianna Ghirlanda, president of IAA Italy – International Advertising Association, the association of international advertisers – also because information in this area is very important, but equally important is that it is regulated correctly, otherwise it would be a huge risk. It is therefore necessary to implement rules that guarantee recognition and fairness towards the various political parties. It is precisely for this reason that Twitter, as well as any other social platform, gives itself precise guidelines to guarantee transparency, fairness of spaces and visibility and that these guidelines are shared and approved by the competent authorities in the matter in the various countries where the opera platform.”

“It is also evident – adds Davide Ciliberti, spin doctor of the Purple & Noise communication group – that the legislator cannot regulate everything, especially in the field of political communication – and affecting private media management such as Twitter – where the interests are enormous because fundamentally today it is through this that one rises and maintains power. I believe – continues the expert – that the private media should first give themselves strict rules on the matter, clear and sharp, collected in a code of ethics that is clearly visible to everyone. And then on the basis of this the brands choose whether this media is consistent with their values, aware of the fact that the consumer’s judgment about their choice will immediately affect their sales. Let me explain better: if a media welcomes advertisements from, for example, discriminatory organisations, I as a consumer will never buy the product of that company that advertises on that media or platform


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