Milan, January 28, 2022 – On the European Day for the Protection of Personal Data that occurs today, the FBI Internet Crime Report reminds us that Italy is the country most affected by cyber attacks and fraud with over 21,800 cases detected (2020 ) for an estimated damage of nearly 125 million euros. Furthermore, a recent survey shows that small businesses are mainly affected by phishing (88%), malware (90%) and ransomware (69%).
Cybersecurity experts point out that no one can consider themselves immune to threats. “The question - explains Andrea Marchi, cybersecurity expert at Rödl & Partner, a consulting giant present in 48 countries around the world, including Italy – is not whether you will ever be attacked, but when and how this will happen. And as regards Italy, whose economic fabric is made up of over 90% of SMEs which, according to recent studies, are among the most vulnerable, the risk is, in my opinion, particularly high, perhaps among the most high worldwide, also considering that we are one of the leading economic, industrial and manufacturing powers “.

“What can be done is to minimize the impact - continues the Rödl & Partner expert – A good strategy for the defense of information security must be based on three pillars: technologies, processes and people. In order to minimize the impact of a cyber attack, there are some technical measures, five of these are particularly relevant which, if properly implemented, can make a difference. “



“Technology, processes and, in a broad sense understood as professionals, even people are commodities for companies, or services that are obtained from suppliers and partners external to the company – explains Fabio Zonta, Engineering Group Chief Procurement Officerthe most important Italian technology company – and therefore at the top of the three key factors well expressed by the cybersecurity expert, the decision maker who chooses and ‘buys’ them must be placed and possibly – continues the manager responsible for purchases – no longer according to the antiquated logic of price, also known as the ‘three-estimates’, but with a thought that is also a long-term vision, where the size and reputation of the ‘brand’ of those who provide these services is not subordinated to the ability to integrate them to that specific reality of SMEs as well as a – concludes the expert – the speed of intervening with a solution”.


“In fact – adds Stella Romagnoli, director general of IAA, International Advertising Association, the main association for marketing and communication experts at a global level, as well as a professor of Communication at La Sapienza University – the very strong risk is that the news of a hacker attack suffered can, through the media, explode to the attention of public opinion and in the whirlwind viralization of the news to pass from social media to newspapers and news broadcasts, directly impacting the purchasing behavior of consumers with very serious consequences – explains Stella Romagnoli, which concludes – I try to explain: would you open a current account at a bank that everyone knows has just been hacked? “

And if large multinationals can be equipped to neutralize image damage, this is obviously not within the budget range of an Italian SME.


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