In evidenza News Rödl & Partner — 29 January 2021

RAI TELEVISION, the organization of the Festival and the artistic director Amadeus, who ‘go straight’ for a ‘normal’ Festival. In this context, we then add the evaluation of the legal experts who figure out the scenarios and consequences both in terms of regularity of the Festival and of possible legal consequences in a case study that examines the possible ‘covidisation’ of singers, audiences, guests and conductors.

“As per legislative requirements, should a singer test positive for Covid-19 – explains the lawyer. Franca Vianello of the international law firm Rödl & Partner, – as with any other person, should be immediately isolated and placed in quarantine. In fact, there is no derogation for those who work in the world of entertainment to perform anyway, and this could automatically force them to abandon the competition “.

DPCM in hand, and unless otherwise agreed, the singer or musician in the race who contracted Covid-19 at the Festival which, as mentioned in compliance with the decree in force, should self isolate and abandon the competition. But not only:

“The competitor – continues the lawyer of Rödl & Partner – could, in theory, retaliate against the organization, suing it, however, only if the contagion depended on the latter’s failure to comply with the anti-contagion health rules to ensure the safety of the singers in the competition. “


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