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Italy is only 28th (out of 50) in the annual report ‘Global Innovation Index’ represented by Visual Capitalist, the study which analyses, through 81 indicators, grouped into 7 categories, the propensity for innovation of countries, determining a ranking at world.

The TOP 10 sees Switzerland in first place (with a score of 64.6), followed by the USA (score 61.8), Sweden (61.6), Great Britain (59.7), Holland, South Korea (57 .8), Singapore (57.3), Germany (57.2), Finland (56.9) and Denmark (55.9). France is twelfth with a score of 55.0.

As mentioned, to meet Italy you have to go down to 28th place where the Belpaese is placed with a score of 46.1 significantly detached from the main European countries and in particular France, Great Britain and Germany “with which we should instead be alignedcomments Giovanna Voltolina, international investor – also because Italy, with its wealth of SMEs with very high added value, has a very high score for the creation of products but very low in the attraction of capital from abroad”.

“Italy could truly attract capital from all over the world, without for this – underlines the expert – losing control of the company, which is the real impediment of our entrepreneurs in approaching the capital market, where the investor beyond that providing financial resources can make his knowledge and relationships available to entrepreneurs to support and accelerate their growth projects’.

Specifically, the 7 survey categories concern Business Sophistication (investments in Research & Development, net inflows of foreign direct investments), Market Sophistication (size of GDP, intensity of local market competition), Infrastructure (roads, hospitals, school buildings , energy efficiency), Human capital and research (state investment per pupil, quality of scientific and research institutions), Institutions (political stability and security, ease of starting a business), Creativity Output (value-added brands, design applications industry, trademark applications), Knowledge and technology (patent applications, increased labor productivity, software expenditure).


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