In evidenza News Rödl & Partner — 27 October 2022

“There are approximately 73.1 million per day intrusions as a result of cyber attacks that occur in the world today and, always in 24 hours, 17.1 million malware attack companies, governments and organizations“. Thus begins Athos Cauchioli ethical hacker, or good, guest at the webforum on Cybersecurity organized by Economy Magazine, the economic newspaper directed by Sergio Luciano. Another explanatory fact – continues the hacker-ethical – is that today 70% of the bandwidth, therefore of internet speed, is used by software that every day try to penetrate companies, companies or scam individuals“.

A phenomenon, that of cyberattacks which, moreover, is significantly increasing: from September 2021 to September 2022 there is an increase in intrusions of 9% although it corresponds to a decrease in ‘malware’ (malicious software) due to the fact that the latter are increasingly precise and ‘intelligent’: “Just think – the ‘good hacker’ exemplifies – that to deceive cybersurveillance these software can autonomously interact for example via email with the management, if not also at the company’s switchboard to attract them to a malicious site and thus making them ‘accomplices’ in spite of themselves in opening the doors of the company to cyber-criminals ”.

In fact, the topic is not so much cyber risk – explains Andrea Marchi, cybersecurity expert of the multinational consulting company Rodl & Partner, which assists companies in 40 countries around the world – and like many other business risks such as competition or others unpredictable events (just think of Covid), but the critical aspect to better understand today is the fact that everyone in the company is a ‘target’, regardless of the function and level we occupy - explains Marchi – “The so-called ‘attack surface’ area that – notes the Rodl expert – working solutions such as smartworking have greatly expanded making it less defensible, where if the hacker fails to penetrate the company as it is well protected, then the PC or the wi-fi network of the employee who works from home can become a dangerous gateway”.






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