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The gesture expressed in a public press and TV conference in which Ronaldo shunned some bottles of Coca-Cola, preferring, and advising all his audience, to prefer water to the well-known drink is bouncing on the media around the world. And it is precisely this huge media echo and the fact that the gesture was made by a character extraordinarily exposed and listened to worldwide that could cost the player dearly.
In fact – as explained by the lawyer Leone Zilio, an expert in Sponsorship and Sports Law of the international professional firm Rödl & Partner - what happened could result in a possible damage to Coca-Cola’s image: on the one hand due to the lack of exposure of the brand , since it is assumed that those bottles were positioned there by virtue of a sponsorship contract signed between the multinational and the organizers of the Tournament and on the other – continues the legal expert – for the message of implicit distance that the athlete wanted to interpose between his lifestyle and fizzy drinks. Moreover, a message - underlines the lawyer of Rodl & Partner – starts from a character who has enormous mediaticity and credibility worldwide; which translated – concludes the expert – could mean greater compensation for the American multinational “.


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