L'opinione — 15 March 2019

The Censis 2017 Report turns a light on the “myths of today”, where the survey that has explored age groups and socio-demographics that represent the whole of Italy, shows that the factors considered central in today’s society in the first place the fixed place is still maintained with 38.5% but the second the social network verb (28.3%).

Even among the cornerstones the goal of earning a house of ownership (26.2%) must duel with smartphone possession (25.7%). And what about body care (22.7%) and selfie (18.9%), which comes before the possession of a good degree of study as a guarantee to succeed socially (14.4%)? “- law and reflects Davide Ciliberti, founder of the communication company Purple & Noise, expert in media and communication – “In short, to observe this photograph, which we can only unfortunately acknowledge and which, attention, does not tell of a specific sociological group like millenials or other segmentations, but of a “global social generation” that goes from the adolescent, through the adult to the elderly “, explains the communicator.

“A large group photo of us sixty million Italians where I work, home and career (the latter factor that along with money and success had outlined the years of yuppismo), we are what I would call a ‘selfie generation’” – commented Davide Ciliberti – or call it if you want, only as a general iconic reference, (for explanatory purposes and absolutely not for personal judgment) ‘Belen generation’ “. A company, tell the data of the Censis Report where among the decisive media for training social networks are attested together with 56% and in the age group 30-44 years even 66.6% “that exudes image, intended as a form of self-exposure, apathy, aspirational vacuity and very short horizons“concludes Davide Ciliberti .




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