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“The cost of energy may perhaps, given the attention and maneuvers of the States to contain the price, may perhaps return to more acceptable levels, but the increases that have affected, in a chain, the daily consumer goods, which in certain cases have tripled or quadrupled, they will never return to previous levels. It will be a sort of euro-effect, just as when with the introduction of the common currency the prices of goods in Italy are in fact doubled “, explains Fabio Zonta, leading expert on ‘purchases’ in Italy and author together with Lorenzo Zacchetti of the book “Procurement Rievolution” (Franco Angeli), which stimulates organizations and companies to change their model by approaching a ‘procurement’ – or the organization of procurement – appropriate to the changed reality.

“In the same way, we managers and companies must understand that this supply crisis is endemic. as I summarize in a paradox ‘we have everything but everything will be missing‘ – continues Zonta – It is the global and local economic architecture that has evolved and if companies, especially Italian ones, which are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), they will quickly realize their continuity will be at risk “

As noted, for example, by Federmeccanica in a recent report, 79% of companies recorded a significant impact on production costs due to the increase in the prices of raw materials and energy: for over 1 company out of 2, 52%, this it involved the reorganization of work and production activity, but for and for 7% a future at risk of interruption of industrial activity is looming.

On the subject, the manager Fabio Zonta and the journalist Lorenzo Zacchetti have just published a book entitled “Procurement Rievolution” (Ed. Franco Angeli), the reason for which is in the daily reality of the facts that today sees international and local companies and economies as highly stressed as never before. from global shocks, especially on the issue of supplies, such as to undermine not only trade but the entire global stability of the country-system. An epochal phenomenon that the most advanced companies on the procurement side (procurement), such as multinationals, are able to manage but which today impacts, with worrying consequences, on Italian companies which for the most part are SMEs, brilliant and efficient realities but dangerously unprepared for a modern and effective procurement and supply chain management, characterized by AI, machine learning and sophisticated predictive capabilities.

“It is not so much an evolution that procurement, the so-called purchasing management, must necessarily and urgently face in order to update itself to fast market contexts, socio-political events and imponderable events that impact on companies, whether large or SMEs, how much more a real ‘revolution’, structural and conceptual ”, suggest Fabio Zonta and Lorenzo Zacchetti, who in a neologism,“ rievolution ”, which gives the book its title, summarize this conviction



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