In 2022 TikTok will take over all other social networks. This is one of the forecasts that emerge from the annual “Social Media Trends 2022″ study by Talkwalker, a multinational global leader in Consumer Intelligence, which every year draws up the 10 trends in social media for the following year

The Report, which is in its seventh edition, originates from a worldwide monitoring carried out through the Talkwalker platform, developed with AI (artificial intelligence) on proprietary technology, analyzing conversations on all media including websites, social networks, blogs, up to individuals user comments, in the period July 2020 – August 2021). The analysis of sentiment, or the content of the various comments, is performed with an average accuracy of 90%, with even the ability to detect sarcasm and ironic comments.

As mentioned, perhaps the most striking news is the forecast that sees the sustained growth of TikTok to the point of becoming the most followed and used social media in the world “with the change of gear that took place during the period of the pandemic – explains Francesco Turco, Talkwalker marketing executive – In fact, until 2019 the conversations on the Chinese social network grew yes, but gradually, while during the various lockdowns we recorded a global average surge of 61% compared to the previous survey, leading the application to overcome, unique together with Facebook, the 3 billion downloads ”.

The Talkwalker Report then predicts how in 2022 social networks will become more and more sales channels, with solutions that allow the user to purchase directly from the app, supported, and this is another 2022 trend contained in the Talkwalker Report, from an ever-growing importance of influencers in purchasing behavior and consequent investment in them as a sales lever (influencer marketing) by brands. “In fact – comments Francesco Turco of Talkwalker -“ 69% of marketing managers, for example, plan to increase investments on Instagram influencers ”.

Social networks are becoming so central in everyday life and decisive for purchases that one of the trends that will characterize 2022 will be the phenomenon for which companies begin to build their own internal social networks, with in-app forums and features to create their own audience. , to interact with up to a complete loyalty towards the brand (the so-called Love Brand phenomenon).

Talkwalker’s Social Media Trends 2022 closes with a word with which we should begin to become familiar: the metaverse is an amalgamation of the real world, the augmented one, and the virtual one; a concept unknown until a few years ago, which is gaining ground and which the Covid-19 pandemic has given strong impetus by intercepting the strong need for socialization and online interaction. “Remember the online aperitifs during the lockdown? – asks Francesco Turco of Talkwalker – Here in 2022, more and more sophisticated environments will be built for the consumer user where the virtual merges with the real and the experience and, if you pass the neologism, wonderfully “fantareal”.



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