Milan 16 December 2021 – “This 2021 for the Club is another year that ends in an extraordinary way – thus begins Vicky Gitto president of the Italian Art Directors Club who, in the last months of his mandate, draws up a balance sheet of a three-year period that he described all-round growth.


Let’s talk about with young people – says Vicky Gitto – who are one of the areas that we have evaluated with the Council to be not only strategic but, and I am not exaggerating, ‘vital’ for the Club, its future and the entire communication and which we have therefore invested both nationally and locally. Well, the students to date have grown by + 1000% since 2016 and the under 30 by + 240%. We have dedicated important and demanding associative moments to them, such as the ‘Great Friday of Enzo’, whose continuous sold-out, even during the lockdown, encouraged us to strengthen more and more. But also the ‘Young Lions’, who always give us a lot of satisfaction both in terms of an ever-increasing participation and in the quality of the work, which translates – says Vicky Gitto – into a future ‘creative class’ that evolves and progresses. raising the bar and the standards and consequently the quality, for the whole sector “.

And in this sense, the collaboration with the most important communication academies such as, in no particular order, PoliDesign, IED, Naba, Accademia di Comunicazione, IUAD Accademia della Moda, AANT, ILAS was important for ADCI.

“We then worked – continues the ADCI president – a lot on, if you pass the term, ‘demilanesize’ the Club, opening up, taking root and developing in the territories, from Sicily, to Puglia, Campania, Lazio, Marche, Piedmont, Emilia Romagna, with a path that will soon see the inauguration of Friuli and Sardinia and other important territories.

“A strategic choice made concrete by the commitment of all our local ambassadors, to which the thanks of the whole Club, which has also been reflected in the growing number of club members (+ 65% since 2016) but above all, and this is the true value, in extending and elevating the culture of ‘good communication throughout the boot – reflects Gitto – doing good to our entire industry but also to the country system, where the post-lockdown has made clear how much professionalism and the ability to communicate effectively they are among the most energetic propellants for the recovery of the Italian economic fabric “.

Another excellent result is the significant growth in ADCI of independent companies, so much so that 50% of the overall total took part in the latest ADCI Awards, when instead, until a few years ago, the contest was limited to large groups.

Today, finally and dutifully – continues the president of ADCI – the Club is present, consistent, influential and is, I believe, the point of reference for the entire communication market in Italy, but also a pillar at an international level, so much so that our ADCI Awards, which once again exceeded 1000 entries this year, represent one of the most important moments at European level, just as our professionals are increasingly in demand and protagonists in international awards juries “.

In summary – continues Vicky Gitto – today we have achieved what togheter with our friends of the Council, the vice president Stefania Siani, Valentina Amenta, Jack Blanga, Karim Bartoletti, Nicola Rovetta, Samanta Giuliani, Giuseppe Mastromatteo and Caroline Yvonne Schaper general secretary, we imagined at our first meetings: a strong, inspiring, driving, inclusive, young Club, guide and first point of reference in Italy for an industry that impacts over 2% on the GDP of our country, as well as a voice heard in the entire national panorama

“I would therefore say that this year as a Club also crossed, without having suffered the pandemic crisis, we can really toast and allow ourselves to raise the bar again for next year, which – observes Gitto – will see the end of this Council but that, if the members want to continue in this path, they will be able, among those who have been part of it, to express a guide that is still strong, concretely visionary and able to continue with the same speed, ability and results “.

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