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The Maneskin are truly the Italian band of the moment at an international level, even if they are already used in advertising for their double, a privilege in the past “reserved” for characters of the caliber of Queen Elizabeth or former US President Trump, to promote and tell the story of Italian spirit of two of the most typical Italian products: mozzarella and pizza. Too bad it’s all a mega-fake, made by a Latvian cheese manufacturer .

“It is the apotheosis of the advertising tarot – comments Davide Ciliberti spin doctor of the communication group Purple & Noise – an image that in one fell swoop mystifies our mozzarella, our pizza and the Italian band of the moment in the world. Maneskin who, on the one hand, can, small consolation, be pleased to be truly an international phenomenon, so fashionable even in Latvia that crafty local advertisers have decided to exploit their image by using doubles, which did not happen to the Beatles either “.

The use of double, if aimed at clearly recalling the image of a well-known character for promotional purposes, constitutes a violation of the right to economic exploitation of the image, thus necessarily having to be authorized by the legitimate owners

The Maneskins – comments the lawyer Margherita Cera, of the multinational legal consultancy giant Rodl & Partnercan certainly take action to request the removal of their image from the advertising campaign, as well as compensation for damages for unauthorized use of their image, in ‘area, among other things, of an incorrect commercial practice such as that of Italian sounding that occurs when foreign producers market non-made in Italy goods, making consumers believe that they are instead typical Italian products ”


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